Mokate becomes a partner of "PSY 3. W imię zasad"

Mokate Group has become the official partner of "PSY 3. W imię zasad". The official nationwide premiere of Władysław Pasikowski's film took place in Warsaw on January 14, and the Silesian premiere of the film will take place on January 16. "PSY" will be available to the general public on January 17 in cinemas all over Poland.

PSY i Mokate

After 25 years in prison, Franz Maurer gets out of prison and discovers a new Poland where nothing is as he remembered. Who and what's waiting for a man who spent the last quarter of a century behind bars? Does he make it in this new world and new reality? The viewers can find the answers to these questions in "PSY".

"PSY 3. W imię zasad" is produced by Klaudiusz Frydrych, co-creator of Jack Strong's success. His partner is Janusz Dorosiewicz, producer of the successful "Psy II: Ostatnia krew”. The film is directed by Władysław Pasikowski and based on his own screenplay.